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Wood Office Furniture - Height Adjustable Wood Desk


Elevate Your Workspace with Sustainability and Style


Explore the ultimate solution for your corporate environment with our Electric Height Adjustable Wood Desk. Designed to enhance employee comfort, health, and productivity, this desk seamlessly transitions between sitting and standing positions, making it the ideal choice for dynamic workplaces.


Key Features:


  • Height Adjustable Standing Desk: Our desk's electric height adjustable feature allows seamless transitions, making it an ideal solution for a dynamic corporate environment where the well-being and efficiency of employees are paramount.

  • 2-Stage Frame for Office Desk Stability: The sturdy 2-stage frame ensures the desk's stability and durability, offering reliability even during the busiest workdays.

  • Rounded Desk Options: Choose from our rounded desk designs for a unique touch to your workspace.

  • Standing Office Desk Dual Electric Motors: These motors provide smooth and noiseless height adjustments, enabling employees to work without disruptions, whether sitting or standing.

  • USB Charger: The user-friendly side-mounted USB charger enhances employee convenience.

  • Wood table top: The wood desktop is crafted from sustainable wood, a lightweight and eco-friendly material known for its durability, water resistance, and scratch resistance, creating  a beautiful wood desk top

  • Customization for Corporate Aesthetics: We offer various customization options to match your corporate aesthetics, including modern and executive styles and a range of materials, featuring wood desk tops or curved desk, and other eco-friendly designs.


Elevate your corporate workspace with our Eco-Friendly Office Furniture.


Prioritize employee well-being, boost productivity, and enhance your corporate image with this eco-conscious and feature-rich desk, featuring a wood desk, wood table top, and more. Create a dynamic and efficient work environment that fosters excellence.

Electric height adjustable wood desk top with 2-stage frame

Desk Frame Colors
  • Birch wood veneer work surface with CARB Phase 2 Compliant for safe use in homes and offices. 

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