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A convenient desk for your home or office. Our HAB_convDESK - Height Adjustable Standing Desk creates a healthier work environment by allowing you to move your body actively throughout the day.


Bamboo work surface with curved edge on user side. It gives your workplace a natural environment, among other benefits that make it an ideal desktop for your workspace.

In the last 10 years, a lot of people have begun to use bamboo products because they are environmentally friendly, all-natural, durable, scratch/water-resistant, lightweight, sustainable, and long-lasting. 


HAB_convDESK frame with the dual motors, 2 stage column legs, and dual crossbeam telescopic tubes. Leveling glides overcome uneven floors. Digital display handset with 4 memory preset options, making it a more comfortable choice for your body.

  • 1” x 24” x 48” bamboo work surface with dark finishing, 100% bamboo, and fits into a small space.

  • The corners of the work surface are rounded to prevent accidental bumps during use.

  • Two wire management grommets are located on the back corners of the desktop.

  • The dual motors with 2 stage column legs rise higher and go lower quietly and smoothly from 27” – 45” range at 1.26” per second with a comfortable soft start/stop.

  • HAB_convDESK frame supports 264 lbs. lifting capacity and the frame width can be adjusted to fit desktop sizes from 24” – 36” depth and 46" - 82" width with dual crossbeam telescopic tubes for reliability and strength. Frame Weight: 68 lbs. 

  • Frame Colors: WHITE/GRAY/BLACK

  • LED display programmable handset with 4 memory preset options for easy and quick adjustment.

  • Leveling glides overcome uneven floors.