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An innovative furniture company revolutionizing production, modularity, sustainability, flexibility, assembly, and transportation.


SNAP-i PRODUCTS designed by Space Symphony - A new design concept for the furniture industry; Adagio Double Workstation won a 2020 Product Innovations Award - Grand Prize.

We design and innovate products while making environmentally friendly, and more sustainable choices.



When you purchase furniture from Space Symphony, you will embark on an incredible journey. You have choices of eco-friendly product materials, such as bamboo and Paperstone. You can easily scale up or down your workspace as the product is flexible in configuration and efficient in storage. Our modular parts are also easily replaceable, so you don't have to throw out large scraps to replace a specific part of your unit. This helps reduce waste, especially in commercial applications. ​ We are proud of our product's sustainable nature, and we are focused on continuing to become as environmentally friendly as possible.


Production : Simplify manufacturing production.

Modularity : Simple parts replacement.

Sustainability : Saves resources and protects the environment.

Flexibility : Flexible to configure to meet your changing needs.

Assembly : Quick and easy enough that anyone can do it.

Transportation : Easy to handle and transport.

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We welcome investors, venture capital, dealerships, and independent sales reps.


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